• My Life, My Rules

    10 Simple Rules for a Complex World

    My version is as follows: 1.    Start with the end in mind. 2.    If you want to be [adjective here], surround yourself with [adjective here] people. 3.    Mean people are sad people. Don’t hate them. 4.    Don’t talk when your heart is full. Same logic applies here: either you choke or you’ll start spitting out [...]

  • Farm1

    Real-Life FarmVille

    For some people, a quick summer getaway means driving towards the coast and soaking up the hot summer sun by the beach. But for my husband and me, because we already live by the beach, we decided to drive inland for a weekend getaway in a farm. Farm “staycation,” as most people put it, is [...]

  • wpid-pain.jpg

    Open Letter to the Person Who Could Have Been the One

    I don’t know why I am writing this. There is nothing I could say or do to make things work, I guess. Your mind is already made up and I am afraid things would be different from here. We could have been “us.” We could have enjoyed a beautiful starry night together while talking about [...]

About Us

We represent a diverse mix of thinkers–a diverse breed of writers with different voices, varying experiences and sometimes even opposing views. Some of us may be separated by distance, dwelling on opposite parts of the world. But wherever we are in the world, no matter how far away, our common thirst for knowledge and appetite for adventure bring us together. So here we are, musing together, writing to inspire and share parts of ourselves with one another and with you.


Past Issues


Old Ghosts

Hauntings don’t always have to be the bad kind. Sometimes, we learn to live with them. Other times, we turn them into lessons or good memories. They say that ghosts, the supernatural kind, are trapped in limbo, neither here nor there, caught between time and space. Our ghosts, the figurative kind, may just be the [...]


Hope Springs

When things go wrong, the love you found is lost, friends begin to leave- people cling to HOPE. It’s that four letter word that keeps us going. It keeps us on our toes. It helps us believe that someday, somehow, things will be better. This issue, we wrote about our stories of hope – as [...]


Fear Itself

For some people, fear only exists to be overcome. In the earlier days of man, we feared the long, cold, and dark nights. So we learned to make fire. We are afraid of dying and being forgotten. So we scramble to leave a lasting legacy, some proof of our existence. We fear the unknown. So [...]


Knowing Happiness

After many years, our nation remains to be a third world developing country. And while we’ve shown the world in 1986 that we can kick a dictator out thru a peaceful revolution, we still elect the same old traditional politicians into power. In fact, politics in our country has worsened- with at least two former [...]