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Listening to the Sound of Music

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Before I start, let me tell you that this is not a review of a play expert. This is not also a review of an artist. This is simply retelling an experience and sharing it. This is just an analysis of someone who just enjoys watching musical plays.

The Sound of Music was a 1959 Broadway musical based on the memoir of Maria Von Trapp that has been adapted generation per generation. It has even been adapted to a film in 1965 and a Japanese anime in 1991, the Trapp Family Singers. I remember that cartoon so much because it was the Tagalized cartoon that I really loved when I was growing up. Only later did I know that everything originated from Maria von Trapp’s book, The Story of the Trapp Family Singers in 1949.

I was not given the opportunity to watch the film’s version when I was a child. When I got to hold the tickets for the play, I have decided not to watch the film to be able to have unbiased opinions on the production.

It was my first time to watch a play in Resorts World and it was surprising to see that it was quite big. There were two screens on both sides, which were used to advertise Resorts World while waiting for the play. It was later used as a screen to view the orchestra who was situated in a remote location and not in their usual place in the front. The play started a little late, and it was really a turn off that the staff allowed latecomers to come inside the theater just like in cinemas. Most of these latecomers were on the front rows, and I could see that some of the audience was irritated and the actors a little distracted. There were even two girls right in front of us that were late during the first act and also after the intermission. It was frustrating.

There was a big LED screen at the back of the stage that served as backdrop. It also added some flair to the set and a feast for the eyes, as it was able to recreate the mountains of Austria or the Abbey. It was also colorful and lively when the setting is in the garden of the Von Trapps. It recreated the water on the fountain, the birds flying, and sun rays dancing. It also created a stained glass effect when inside the Abbey. The props were just right, and the new technology of the place added ease to the production people on how to go about with the performance without causing much fuss on the stage. Francis Libiran designed the costumes. I admit that the costumes were somewhat simple, but I guess that was the point. So that the costumes would not steal the show from where it should belong.

Joanne Ampil played Maria Rainer, and she commanded the stage. Ariel Rivera who played Georg Von Trapp and who suddenly had an Austrian accent that got lost during the course of the play, joined her. Debraliz Valasote, who played the housekeeper Ms. Frau Schmidt, shone brightly. Ms. Valasote was funny, spectacular, and really in the zone even if there we so many distractions on the audience. The Von Trapp kids are lively and rowdy as what they should be.

But something was missing. It lacked magic, spark, and intimacy. I really felt like I was an audience. When I was watching musical plays, I always felt like I was part of the group, part of the actors. In this instance, I knew I was just there, watching. I even got to the point where I wanted it to be done already. But no, I don’t think it was out of boredom. Maybe it was because the stage is so big for a production that would only require less than ten people on the stage at the same time. Even the kiss of Maria and Georg felt empty.

Don’t get me wrong. It was a feel-good play. It would be a nice start to expose kids to theater plays and art. It may also be a nice date with a loved one. Maybe this is just one of those things wherein you can say that there are things you can never go back to no matter how much you try. The magical feeling when you first went to Enchanted Kingdom when you were still a child as opposed to going there for the first time when you are already an adult. Like the first time you ride a plane. The excitement you felt as you saw how big airplanes were as compared to seeing them now that you are already an adult. I was actually hoping that this would be an exception and it is just unfortunate that it was not. One cannot recreate childhood afterall.



I would like to think that my life began at 29, which was just a few months ago. I feel like this is the beginning of self-discovery that has been long overdue. I was propelled to a situation where the only option was to survive. Here I am, not only surviving but also learning and enjoying so much from it. I realized that I was never really lost but rather I was just sidetracked. Now, I look forward to a happy place as I work on the new and better version of myself.

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