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Mommyhood Musings (In Photos)

Before settling down and before getting pregnant, I incessantly thought about how I didn’t want to be like one of “those people.”

Those people who, after getting married, quickly transformed into being “hey-I’m-married-and-I’m-now-a-serious-adult People.” Or, who have babies and suddenly morphed into “all-I-care-for-is-my-baby People.”

I’m not sure if that’s unusual or if you know what I mean. I guess, I’m referring to those people who tend to totally change who they are to take on a new major role and who can no longer relate to those who are not yet married or who are not yet blessed with a baby.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a moody monster who loathes the idea of being motherly and domestic. When I decided to tie the knot last year (after a decade-long relationship), I’m pretty certain that I just wanted to stay ‘me’ and didn’t really want to change who I am at a fundamental level. And when my husband and I learned that we’re having a baby, I knew at once that I didn’t want to become an instant stage mom.

But after seeing our little one via ultrasound, actively wiggling and kicking inside my womb, I decided to rethink my views about being Mrs. Football Mom.

I’m not saying that I’m already like those people—I guess now; I’m just less harsh because I understand them more. What I’ve become is someone who has begun to reconnect with her inner core.

I’ve become a more expanded person, and yet, I’m still me.

I understand that moving into the realm of the “all-I-care-for-is-my-baby People” happens easily when you have an amazing little bean inside you that just turns your world upside down and makes you open up a bit to fly headlong into the changes he or she has brought about.

I realized that it’s truly a great feeling to finally know your path and your purpose in life.

I definitely feel like I’m a deeper and somehow, bigger (literally and figuratively) person than I was a few months ago. And I’m sure that I wouldn’t go back for anything.


Here’s a quick peek to my trip to mommyhood (so far) in photos:


Exciting discovery at Week 7: Our baby is now about the size of a cherry and is looking less alien-like each day! Goodbye embryonic tail, hello little skeleton!

Checking out my bloated body (thanks to my expanding uterus and early water retention) and pondering about how my ovaries are working hard in the hormone production department. Exciting times ahead!

Exciting discovery at Week 11: Our baby’s vocal chords are formed by now. Hurray! On the other hand, Mommy’s leg cramps are intensifying. Her weird cravings? Yogurt with salt, salty-sweet sampaloc dipped in Sukang Iloko, sour/salty dried plums and lots of potato chips. Guess what’s the common denominator.

Baby is about the size of a softball and is constantly wiggling his fingers and toes. Mommy meanwhile, is eating like a pregnant elephant and is packing more and more pounds.

Quickening! What a wonderful feeling!

113 days–just 153 days to go! Baby’s brain is making staggering progress, same thing’s happening to mommy’s thighs.

Getting used to the aches and pains that the second trimester brings and marvelling at the size of this growing tummy (baby is 10.5 inches long and weighs 13 ounces).

Big shirts are a modern geeky pregnant lady’s best friend. Baby is punching and kicking like crazy and mommy’s energy is on a high! Time for some mommy adventure!

Little boy’s first profile shot. Mommy hopes that baby got his father’s nose :-)

Expanding uterus is about the size of a volleyball and the little one’s becoming a heavyweight at 1.5 lbs. Meanwhile, the mommy is still craving for some unusual combos, including Play-doh and cookie dough!



Instead of saying “I’m weird,” I’d like to think that there’s really a duality that runs through me. I guess I’m a walking talking contradiction. I’m a tough tomboy with a girly side. I’m a geek but not at all fashionably inept. I love to talk and to speak my mind out but I could be painfully and frustratingly silent. I enjoy the company of others but like to be alone sometimes. I’m a cheapskate but would spend a lot on (almost all kinds of) FOOD, books, pet products, toy construction machineries, almost anything kawaii/Japanese-y and did I mention food?

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    So lucky to have u as the mom of our little beany :-) nice post! nice pics. :-)

  3. Mitchiku Mitchiku says:

    Thanks for supporting the muses’ little blog project, Daddy Don Chu! You’re my favorite playmate! *fist bump*

  4. Carrots says:

    Nice pix michiku ü Enjoy your journey to motherhood…

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