Queen In Hyun’s Man and InHyun Couple’s Happy Ever After

Seems like time travel-themed dramas are the trend nowadays for Korean TV programs, and an avid K-drama lover would definitely take note of the different ways in which each drama was presented. But if these shows have one common denominator, it would be the “and they lived happily ever after” ending that seems to be the mandatory way to end a series.

As I search for other Korean dramas to watch after Rooftop Prince, I decided to give Queen In Hyun’s Man a shot. Okay, not that I really wanted to watch it, but perhaps one of the reasons is because of Ji Hyun Woo’s public proposal to his co-star Yoo In Na.

His declaration of love shocked everyone, even Yoo In Na was caught off-guard by his sudden confession during a fan meeting for their drama. And you bet, after a few days, she admitted that they are indeed dating and that their feelings were developed while filming QIHM.

Okay, back to the drama. Yoo In Na plays the role of Choi Hee Jin, a rookie actress who landed the role of Queen In Hyun in her first ever television project. As she strives to make a name for herself, she also tries to avoid any scandal with her ex-boyfriend Han Dong Min (Kim Jin Woo), who, unfortunately, plays the role of the King and her lover in their drama.

As she tries to prove to herself that she really deserved the role, and to prove that Dong Min is just trying to make her come back to him by saying that he influenced the director to choose her as one of the lead casts, she encounters several unlucky circumstances, thanks to the sudden appearance of Kim Boong Do (Ji Hyun Woo), a scholar from the Joseon dynasty.

He was transported to the 21st century Seoul because of a talisman that was given to him by a gisaeng (entertainer/courtesan during the Joseon era), who was also the former aide of his deceased wife. It possesses the power of saving the person who owns it whenever a life and death situation occurs. And being a solid supporter of the reinstatement of Queen In Hyun, other noblemen and royal officers who were after money and power tried to kill him, thus, the time travel plot.

He met Hee Jin in the filming site of the drama, where the palace of Joseon was originally located. Hee Jin thought that he was one of the extras because he was wearing a dopo (coats worn by scholars during the Joseon dynasty), but after several meetings, she was convinced that he was indeed a man from three hundred years ago.

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To make the story short, they fell in love with each other and became lovers even if Boong Do continues to travel back and forth between two different periods. But of course, the story would not be interesting without some conflicts that I think made the drama complicated.

I personally do not like the fact that the “history” they presented depends on what Boong Do does in the modern world. Because many books can be easily accessed in the libraries, and details about the Joseon era is readily available on the Internet, he was able to change history and was even able to cheat his own death by conniving with the King.

And although a happy ending was expected right from the start, I was not convinced that after a year of coming back to Joseon (he was never able to time travel because the magic of the talisman vanished along with the death of the gisaeng and the disappearance of the monk who made it), the battery of his smartphone is still charged and he was even able to receive Hee Jin’s call on the verge of his suicide attempt.

I know I shouldn’t expect dramas to be realistic, but it was just so unreal and dreamlike that I cannot let it pass. How on earth was he able to receive a call from a woman from another period when the first time that she attempted to call him after he went missing failed? What, telecom companies suddenly appeared in Joseon just to save the man and make him time travel again? Sorry, but I was not really convinced with how they ended the drama.

All in all, the story was good and the lovey-dovey moments of the two characters were sweet and convincing. I just hope they had other better ways or storyline to conclude it. But nonetheless, it seemed effective for the real-life InHyun couple because they are now happy with each other even if Hyun Woo’s military enlistment is just around the corner.

Rating: (Drama) 3.5/5

Rating: (InHyun Couple real-life affair) 5/5



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