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People. Moments. Photographs. Memories.

Photographs bring back memories of people in your life—people you love, you have loved, you have learned to love, and you have not intended to love.

Photographs bring back memories of moments in your life—moving, funny, carefree, heart-warming, and inspiring.

Staring at photographs make you feel connected to someone and something from your past.

I collect photographs. I collect memories. I carry them with me, literally.

Back in the days when our mobile phones have no ability to capture and save photographs, it has been my habitual practice to fill in my wallet a.k.a. my mini photo album with photographs—group studio pictures, 1×1 identification photos of family, friends and crushes (wallet sized-photos of my celebrity crushes and stolen shots of my high school crushes). Yes, my wallet’s multi-purposefulness was 80% photo album and 20% money-holder. It was uncomfortably thick which may attract unwanted attention of purse-snatchers. But it was comfortably fulfilling.

I had been posting photo collage in my bedroom wall before; that was prior to my habitual publishing of photos to my Facebook wall now. I had been giving copies of a single image to family and friends with a dedication on the back; that was prior to my habitual tagging of friends in photos posted on my Facebook account.

I had been inserting photos in my organizer book, notebooks.

I had been keeping pieces of film, negatives, and printed photographs.

My printed collection of photos has filled up three (18x14x12) medium sized moving boxes. I only realized that when I had to pack all my things up before we move here. I wanted to carry them all with me and stay connected. But I only had to pick VERY FEW and fit them in a small envelope. I inserted some in my wallet.

These photos take me back to my old home, to my old self.

I would love to share these photos with you.

Let’s forget photo quality and focus more on the photo translations. The quality may not be excellent but they are memorable, worth-keeping, and worth-sharing.

Ok, here they are—people, moments, memories, and printed photographs.

In my younger years, swimsuit is an everyday outfit. That’s what my mother told me.

Some of my Grade 6 close friends
We used to hang out at Kay’s house. She’s the third from left.

Grade 6 Field Trip
We spotted a commercial model of Nestle and had a picture with her.


We were in second year highschool here.
We loved to dress up and pretended to be like young adults. These clothes we were all wearing were Eden’s (the one on the left.)

Second year highschool with my dance troupe friends
I looked like Rani here, one of the main characters in Pakistani Sesame Street.

UST-B4 close friends

Another set of UST-B4 close friends

UST 4Journ friends
The muses without Lia.

UST 4Journ Retreat

UST 4Journ Retreat
With the muses

UST 4Journ Retreat and Diokno

With Rosh, my closest friend in PSBank.
Back then, we dreamed of living in the U.S. She’s now settled in Florida.

2005. At Pangasinan with my bestfriend Teng

2006. At Baguio with my ex-boyfriend Josh.

With people I love the most–my family.

At Tagaytay with family.
Josh, Joco, and I really miss this group.

The first man in my life, Col. Francisco Ovilla.
He calls me Juniora, her female version.




In her previous life, Mai worked at a big financial institution in Manila, Philippines. Today, she works as an incredible stay-at-home mom to her adorable three-year-old son in Merrick, New York, their new hometown. Since they moved, she’s continuously attempting to stay sane. Here, on her blog, you’ll see snapshots of her imperfect but honest journey—all documented in pictures and words.

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    awww, im so glad i met you, you’re the twin i never had. haha. =) love you franny pooh!

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