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Heartbreak Songs of My Life

They say the saddest and best love songs were written and made from the pains of a broken heart. Though I may not know the stories behind each love song, I’m sure that somehow, the composer’s not-so-good experiences on love are reflected in his or her songs.

I know I can be overly romantic sometimes, but for sure I’m not the only one who remembers all kinds of memories whenever I hear a certain song that reminds me of my past relationships.

Childish? Yes, maybe. But love can make us do certain things we didn’t think we can, and drive us to the point where we commit stupid mistakes and act foolishly in front of other people. Before we know it, we become a different person without exactly knowing how.

Love can make us all happy and sad at the same time. It can make us feel loved and taken for granted sometimes. It can make smart people crazy and turn crazy people even crazier.

Love songs can bring back so many memories of pain and joy, that even those who have long moved on from their past relationships are transported back to the times when they were still together and deeply in love.

As for me, aside from the brands of perfume and clothes that they used to wear, certain love songs have the same effect on me. Sometimes, listening to them still makes me wonder what went wrong in the relationship and what I could’ve done to somehow save it.

If you’re wondering what these love songs are, here are some of those that never fail to make me feel sad and emotional—not because I still love the person these remind me of, but because I can relate to the melancholic feeling that the songs give off.

There’s No Easy Way to Break Somebody’s Heart – Certainly one of James Ingram’s classic songs. It talks about how a man tries to break up with his girlfriend without hurting her feelings. But as the title suggests, there really is no easy way to break somebody’s heart, because no matter how hard he tries, he knows that the other person would be hurt and suffer because of his decision.


Cracks of My Broken Heart – My most favorite Eric Benet song. The lyrics evokes sad emotions of a person who longs to make his lover stay with him and start their love story once again. Benet’s voice is very appropriate for this song and he was able to capture the heartbreaking dilemma of an individual in that kind of situation.

If the Feeling is Gone – Ella Mae Saison sure knows how a woman feels once her partner loses interest or feelings for her. Don’t we all want to just hear the truth straight from them rather than spend long, miserable days and nights thinking of what’s wrong or what’s going on in the other person’s mind?

What About Love? – As soon as I heard this song for the first time, I already found myself searching for the lyrics. The melody alone gives off a heartbreaking feeling, and I wouldn’t recommend it to those who are still in the process of mending a broken heart. Tears are sure to fall especially if you get to understand what the song is trying to say.

No More Rhyme – Sudden breakups are the worst! I myself experienced this and I swear, nothing compares to the hurt that one feels from this. With her powerful voice, Debbie Gibson was able to deliver the song effectively. Truly, there is no perfect relationship; and if the relationship is to survive, it needs to overcome some hurdles every now and then to make it stronger.

I can go on and on with the list but for now, these are the songs that I could think of. How about you? What are your heartbreak songs? Share them with us and tell us why.



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  1. Sheng Bergantinos says:

    Hi Yuanne.. I like this post of yours.. Placing my comments now while listening to these songs with my earphones on. I am not out of love right now but yeah you are right, these songs will never fail to bring back the old memories. Part of the past where all you can do is just to look back the old feelings and made us better now. And yet songs still move us.

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