Night of the Dead: A Photo Blog


It was a parade like no other- where kids and adults alike kept on screaming left and right. Marikina’s annual Halloween Parade has always been grand. This year was exceptional though because the participants showed off really creative, well thought of and meticulously made costumes. The scarier, the better. Happy Halloween guys! All Photos by [...]

Potted Potter: A Muggle’s Take on the Play


When  a  friend of mine invited me to a show called Potted Potter, I didn’t read  any  reviews  or  articles  about  it. I didn’t want to have  a biased judgment    before  I  even watch  it. I was a little excited as to how they were  able  to fit the seven books of the Harry Potter series [...]

Downtown LA Artwalk: A Photo Blog


No, there’s no romanesque sandstone exterior, no glazed brick walls, wrought-iron railings, or corinthian columns. There’s no cast-iron caged elevators or winding marble staircase to whisk aficionados up and down.  There are no curators, no stunning interiors, and flamboyant ornaments to compete with. It’s just the art, the artist, and the eye of the beholder. Welcome to [...]

Paul Thomas Anderson—Into the Realm of Auteur


Directors come in all human types—male, female, gay straight, tall, short, fair, dark, introvert, extrovert, garrulous, reserved—the adjectives can just go on and on. Today, anyone with something to say and access to modest production equipment can direct a movie of some kind—well, that is no longer the barrier. Michael Rabiger, in his book Directing: [...]

“Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys:” Discovering the MINT Museum


When I was a kid, my toys consisted of whatever tattered sweepstakes, scrap wood and nails I could find in my grandfather’s little shoe factory and as many cardboard boxes as my crayons could cover. My imagination was like a 400-pound gorilla. It was endlessly flexible and was fueled by old books, Batibot, Shaider, vivid [...]

Listening to the Sound of Music

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Before I start, let me tell you that this is not a review of a play expert. This is not also a review of an artist. This is simply retelling an experience and sharing it. This is just an analysis of someone who just enjoys watching musical plays. The Sound of Music was a 1959 [...]

Children’s Museum of Manhattan : A short but lifelong adventure


Joco’s first museum visit made him cry. Josh and I decided to take our three-year-old son Joco to Children’s Museum of Manhattan (CMOM), but the five-hour experience in a creative environment was not enough to complement his energy level. When it’s time to leave the museum, this kid made an objection and even cried louder [...]

Stepping Into the Shoe Museum


When I tell people that I’m from Marikina, their reply almost always involves one of these three things: the flooding and, in recent years, Typhoon Ondoy; the string of rape-murder cases in the 90s; and how very far it is from civilization (it’s not!!!). But there’s still one thing that Marikina is famous for―our shoe [...]