11 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Make It to the End Line


Let us admit that most of us are aware of the simple dos and don’ts of staying healthy and happy. Yet, we are just too stubborn and lazy to bother. Do you make excuses to delay or avoid your planned exercise? Do you overeat at night? Do you need to be “in the mood” first [...]

A Movie Review: 200 lbs. Beauty


If you’re into romantic comedies, the beauty and the beast kind of love stories and, uhm . . . anything Korean, well, this movie should very well be at the top of your list! 200 Pounds Beauty will literally keep you glued on your seat, giggling with Han-na, cheering her on, and crying with her in [...]

Mood-Boosting Strategies to Fight the Blues


Have you ever seen one of those Snickers Satisfies commercials wherein there’s a grumpy old man (there’s a Liza Minnelli version too) who keeps snapping at everything his younger companions say or do? Then, one of his companions hands him a Snickers bar and after eating it, he turns back into his younger, normal, happier [...]

I have a FAT problem.

Please, let’s hear it for my 12 pounds, WELCOME BACK! After losing all this excess weight in December last year in time for my wedding, here I am again, struggling to lose weight. Name it, I’ve done it. Well, except for slimming pills. I was never born fat. In fact, I finished college weighing only [...]

Eating by the Numbers

2012-05-31 10.20.14

Here’s the thing, I’m always trying to lose weight. Not obsessively but it’s an ever-present goal. It’s also not because I want to fit into a size 2 or even a size 4. I want to lose weight because I want to climb stairs without huffing like I just ran ten blocks getting chased by [...]