A Summer to Remember


It was an epic summer- not because of sandy beaches, or bikinis on parade. But it was epic- because I knew the sun was shining more immensely, on those days, we were there. It was my second time in Jolo, Sulu- but a first for my five other companions, my husband included. The two- hour [...]

Remembering Broadcast City


Only a handful of those who aspire to become Journalists would probably think about working for a government station. Fact is, majority of those who graduate from MassComm or Journalism courses have their eyes on the big TV network Not me. I started out as a Journalist in RPN9- a sequestered station considered as semi-government. [...]

Remembering Jesse


There are very few people in government who earn the kind of respect you can carry even to your grave. And when people still remember what you’ve done and how you’ve made them feel- even when you’re long gone, then yes- it has really been a life worth living. One of the perks of being [...]

A Tragedy with No Name


Where’s justice in living to see the day an Ondoy tragedy deja vu happening again in less than five years?  Much worse, there’s not even a typhoon or storm we can blame for all the inconvenience and loss. I feel like Harry Potter, battling with an enemy who-cannot-be-named. But come to think of it, we’ve [...]

People. Moments. Photographs. Memories.

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Photographs bring back memories of people in your life—people you love, you have loved, you have learned to love, and you have not intended to love. Photographs bring back memories of moments in your life—moving, funny, carefree, heart-warming, and inspiring. Staring at photographs make you feel connected to someone and something from your past. I [...]

My First Dictionary


If you’re thinking this is about some old dictionary carefully tucked in a baul somewhere- no this isn’t. Back in 2009, my life turned sour. I was turning 26 but was not doing the job I’ve always wanted. My heart then was tied too, to someone who kept me from reaching my dreams. I was [...]

First Things First: Managing Primary Settlement Concerns

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As I have talked about in my previous blog, I left the Philippines last September 2011 not to leisurely spend time in New York’s well-known attractions, but to settle for good with my husband Josh and our son, Joco. So, with my new status as a permanent resident of the United States, I busied myself [...]

On Meeting Queens’ Joe: First date with Joe’s Shanghai in Flushing, Queens


With its increasingly dominating Asian population, Flushing embodies considerable concentration of Asian businesses and flavors. And the business that Flushing represents the most is its restaurants which are mostly Chinese and Korean. Flushing has been the premier destination for New Yorkers and New York travelers with big appetite for authentic Asian cuisine. Going directly to [...]

Dear Kuya Bamboo


By now you must have read about us. It’s been four years since I found out. A coworker of mine called one afternoon in 2007 to ask if it was true. She asked why I didn’t tell anyone that we were siblings and said that if only I told her so, then maybe I could [...]

Paul Thomas Anderson—Into the Realm of Auteur


Directors come in all human types—male, female, gay straight, tall, short, fair, dark, introvert, extrovert, garrulous, reserved—the adjectives can just go on and on. Today, anyone with something to say and access to modest production equipment can direct a movie of some kind—well, that is no longer the barrier. Michael Rabiger, in his book Directing: [...]

Walking with the Gods


Padre Faura, Manila—Ah, the street of the gods.  I walk the street of the gods of Padre Faura every day. And each time, I am still caught off guard by how ironic images here could be. Padre Faura is home to the two Halls of Justice in the Philippines—the Supreme Court and the Department of Justice. [...]

An Open Letter to the Four Men I Can’t Forget


To the Four of You, Let me say thank you for bumping into my life. Getting a chance to meet you, though only for a very short time, has taught me how skilled and tough I could possibly be. I cannot forget you. But to some of you, let me be clear and straight, I [...]