Tiktik: Pinoy Movie Treat


It’s nothing compared to what we’ve been used to appreciate in all of Shake, Rattle and Roll’s series… But it’s one Filipino horror movie you shouldn’t miss. Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles (starring Dingdong Dantes, Lovi Poe, Joey Marquez, Janice de Belen, Roi Vinzon and Ramon Bautista) will keep you glued to your seats, wanting for [...]

Potted Potter: A Muggle’s Take on the Play


When  a  friend of mine invited me to a show called Potted Potter, I didn’t read  any  reviews  or  articles  about  it. I didn’t want to have  a biased judgment    before  I  even watch  it. I was a little excited as to how they were  able  to fit the seven books of the Harry Potter series [...]

My 10 Favorite Sports Movies: A Nondefinitive List


I wouldn’t call myself a sports fan, but I do appreciate and enjoy watching a good competition especially when there’s drama involved. As I’m sure you would agree, victories—whether in sports or in other aspects of life—can only become that much sweeter when we know about the real struggles that led to that winning moment. [...]

Rain Music Therapy


As therapeutic as the sound of slow rain pelting the roof and trees melodiously whistling in the wind, music can lull you into a kind of catatonic state if you let it. Truth is, no matter how valuable (or as experts say—therapeutic) rain is, I hate it most of the time. But the sound of [...]

Heartbreak Songs of My Life

photo credit: theteendoc.com

They say the saddest and best love songs were written and made from the pains of a broken heart. Though I may not know the stories behind each love song, I’m sure that somehow, the composer’s not-so-good experiences on love are reflected in his or her songs. I know I can be overly romantic sometimes, but [...]

A Movie Review: 200 lbs. Beauty


If you’re into romantic comedies, the beauty and the beast kind of love stories and, uhm . . . anything Korean, well, this movie should very well be at the top of your list! 200 Pounds Beauty will literally keep you glued on your seat, giggling with Han-na, cheering her on, and crying with her in [...]

Queen In Hyun’s Man and InHyun Couple’s Happy Ever After


Seems like time travel-themed dramas are the trend nowadays for Korean TV programs, and an avid K-drama lover would definitely take note of the different ways in which each drama was presented. But if these shows have one common denominator, it would be the “and they lived happily ever after” ending that seems to be [...]

The Perks of Being Depressed . . .


…is finding time to catch up on TV series that friends have been raving about, finally convincing myself that Korean movies are good, stocking up on books, and having something to write about. You know what they say about it being lonely on top? Well, I’m kind of in that situation now, only I’m not [...]

Of Random Lists, Sarah Kay, and Making Up for Writer’s Block


At last Sunday’s Roundtable, we disclosed the very reasons behind our common love for writing. But as any writer knows, no matter how passionate and confident you are about your craft, you are not immune to the chronic attack of—you guessed it—writer’s block. Believe it or not, I had a couple of topics lined up [...]

Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tip – Confessions of a Cynical Waiter: A Review from an Observant Customer


It was a busy night for the restaurant I was in. It was a Friday night, not to mention payday for most of us. Almost everyone was shelling out money and having fun. A woman sitting in the middle of the room with three kids caught my attention. She was well dressed, and so were [...]

50 Reasons You Should Read Fifty Shades of Grey

cristian grey

To mark Muses & Things’ 1st monthsary, we decided that this week’s theme will be all about our own “Firsts,” whatever that means to us. So for my “First” entry, I decided to write my first book review in this blog (actually it’s the first blog entry I’ve ever written in this blog that’s not [...]

Super Junior 2012: Sexy, Free, Single, and Ready To Mingle

Super Junior Sexy, Free, and Single Teaser Phtos

As what I have previously written, Super Junior is one of the four K-Pop boybands that I love the most and I cannot hide my excitement for their upcoming 6th album entitled Sexy, Free, and Single. Just the mere thought of the album title enlivens the fangirl in me. Pardon me if I start to [...]

Don’t we love Break-Ups?

I’ve been through four break-ups before I married my husband in December last year. The first happened over the phone, the next one along the street, the third one was inside the car, and the last was thru text. Save for the one along the street, all my break-ups never required lengthy discussions, no personal [...]

Three Zombie Films with Lotsa Brains

La Horde

I have an almost unhealthy fixation for the undead. Ya know, zombies. But only in movies and books because it would be weird to obsess about them in real life. (OK, you got me. I have totally obsessed about them in real life.) Ironically, I’m also the biggest sissy in the planet when it comes [...]