Fighting Off Fear

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The problem with me was that I was always afraid. It was only recently that I myself have accepted this. I often tried to project myself as someone who liked to try out new things—whether a new sport like marksmanship or exotic food such as crickets and frogs. Though I was able to summon courage [...]

Whitewater Rafting: Battling Rapids and Overcoming Fears


I never learned how to swim, because as a child, I was deathly afraid of the ocean. Growing up, my relationship with water has been a complicated one. I love the beach, but you would never see me snorkeling, cliff-diving, or venturing by myself into the sea. I enjoy boat rides, even in small outriggers [...]

Watch Out For Zombies!

Outbreak Manila

It was a cold and rainy night. The streets were wet and dangerous. The rain would stop and start again with stronger winds and heavier downpour. Yet, people were gathered together, those in pajamas, those in neck ties and long sleeves, those in school uniforms, those in plain jeans and shirt, and even those in [...]

Run Disney 2012: The 20-Day Half Marathon Training Challenge

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Day 1 – Tuesday – How It All Began I’ve just officially declared today as my rest day. Four consecutive days of rigorous sports activities have started taking its toll on my frail and completely out-of-shape body. Saturday: I had an hour of beginner-hostile kickboxing training with Master Ed (this guy can snap my neck [...]

My 10 Favorite Sports Movies: A Nondefinitive List


I wouldn’t call myself a sports fan, but I do appreciate and enjoy watching a good competition especially when there’s drama involved. As I’m sure you would agree, victories—whether in sports or in other aspects of life—can only become that much sweeter when we know about the real struggles that led to that winning moment. [...]

The Bow and That Child


I knew I wanted to try archery the moment I laid my eyes on Legolas. I was enamored with his strong arms, brooding eyes, and shooting skills. It was love at first sight. Okay, maybe it was because I had a crush on Orlando Bloom. But that feeling faded through the years but not my [...]

Color Run Los Angeles 2012


There’s something about waking up at 6 a.m. on a cool Sunday morning, having an early carbs-heavy breakfast, and donning a crisp, white shirt you know you’ll never be able to wear again. There’s nothing like starting the day before the sun is officially up. While everyone snuggles under thick and warm sheets, you’re out [...]

Hike SoCal: Bridge to Nowhere


If you’re wondering where to go and what to do in Southern California on a fine summer day–and if you’re up for the challenge–a 10-mile hike to Bridge to Nowhere in Azusa might just be the perfect way to spend your day. Azusa, CA–You don’t always hear the words “bridge” and “nowhere” in the same [...]

Run, Gracee, Run


Long Beach, CA – At first, the concept of marathons confused me. Why do people pay an ample amount of money to run elbow-to-elbow with thousands of other sweaty people, when they can run the same lengths for free, and without intrusions, at another time and day? Is it the medal? Is it the fanfare [...]

Weekend James Bond


Let me tell you a secret. When I was younger, I wanted to be a spy. I really admired individuals able to defend themselves and use their skills and wits in times of danger. I enjoyed spy films like James Bond and Mission Impossible, imagining that I was there trying to save someone or solve a crime and putting myself in [...]