10 Simple Rules for a Complex World

My Life, My Rules

My version is as follows: 1.    Start with the end in mind. 2.    If you want to be [adjective here], surround yourself with [adjective here] people. 3.    Mean people are sad people. Don’t hate them. 4.    Don’t talk when your heart is full. Same logic applies here: either you choke or you’ll start spitting out [...]

Open Letter to the Person Who Could Have Been the One


I don’t know why I am writing this. There is nothing I could say or do to make things work, I guess. Your mind is already made up and I am afraid things would be different from here. We could have been “us.” We could have enjoyed a beautiful starry night together while talking about [...]

One Year to Start it All

Nek in 2012

I have a feeling that by the time I’m old and grey and my curious grandchild sits on my lap and coaxes me into telling stories from days long gone, I would be drawing many tales from the year that was 2012. Is there such a thing as a perfect year? A perfect day already [...]

2012: A Mother’s Year In Review

YearEnder Entry1

Have I done something in 2012 that would make me feel proud today? Or, someday? In its first quarter, cocooning myself against change has become a conscious habit. I resisted change. Is it part of human nature to fear change? Or, was I just not very well prepared to my new life’s demands? How can [...]

Life Lessons


All I wanted for 2012 was a baby. But despite storming the heavens with prayers, day and night- the baby never came. Painful as it is to see repeated negative test results in a small pregnancy kit, I never let this loss and frustration define the whole of me. And not to mention, the whole [...]

Beginnings and Endings


I find it hard to make a cohesive assessment of my 2012. At one point, I thought it was too fast and yet many times I prayed that it would end. My year was filled with so many memories that to say that 2012 is a memorable year is an understatement. Heartaches I experienced the [...]

So the world didn’t end in 2012, what now?


If the end of the world were supposed to be how we—or doomsday filmmakers—envisioned it, then we’re right, the world didn’t end on December 21. However, I did wake up that day convinced that the world as I know it has been changed. There’s nothing utterly obvious about it. In fact, the following morning it [...]

A Haunting


You haunt me. As I walk into the night, even the moon cannot provide me the light to move forward. Each step I make creates a sound that seems like I was in desperation to run away. I tried to, believe me I did. Only to realize that I am where I started. You haunt [...]

Halloween, Pinoy-Style


We didn’t get to don superhero costumes or carve $20 pumpkins every Halloween back home. Nor did our parents stock up on sweets for free-roaming Trick or Treat-ers outside. God, no! Money had better uses back then—and pumpkins (or squashes) were better off as pinakbet. Trick or Treat, I believe, is relatively a new concept [...]

How I’ll Know That You’re the One

The One

I will meet you in a book store. It will be just before closing time, and the place will be almost deserted. I will be at the graphic novels section, quietly enjoying the silence and solitude as I scan the racks for the first issue of Batman: Cacophony. I will barely spot the final copy [...]

Remembering Broadcast City


Only a handful of those who aspire to become Journalists would probably think about working for a government station. Fact is, majority of those who graduate from MassComm or Journalism courses have their eyes on the big TV network Not me. I started out as a Journalist in RPN9- a sequestered station considered as semi-government. [...]

Fighting Off Fear

Photo from http://girlsofwisdom.files.wordpress.com

The problem with me was that I was always afraid. It was only recently that I myself have accepted this. I often tried to project myself as someone who liked to try out new things—whether a new sport like marksmanship or exotic food such as crickets and frogs. Though I was able to summon courage [...]

On Motherhood and Fears


For nearly half a decade now, fear has been part of my daily life. In fact, I feel that it worsens and complicates its existence each year–feeling more afraid and anxious about the safety and well-being of my son and experiencing an increasing list of my self-proclaimed phobias. When the gynecologist confirmed that my belly [...]

Of Happiness and Fireflies


I used to think that happiness must come like a powerful surge, like a tidal wave that would wash away every hurt, every wound, every ugly bits and pieces that take root in the smallest corners of your life. That it’s a one-time deal, a ship that docks and sails and waits for no one. [...]