Be Careful What You Post…


Internet and computer technology usage in the Philippines these days will never be the same again. This, after the President recently signed the Cybercrime Prevention Act into law. Finally, hackers will be liable for their acts and cybersex will hopefully be put to an end. Not to mention, the recent rise of disgruntled online shoppers [...]

11 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Make It to the End Line


Let us admit that most of us are aware of the simple dos and don’ts of staying healthy and happy. Yet, we are just too stubborn and lazy to bother. Do you make excuses to delay or avoid your planned exercise? Do you overeat at night? Do you need to be “in the mood” first [...]

How to Win in Sin City: A Non-Sinner’s Guide


Ah, Las Vegas. The mecca of mortal pleasures. The playground of the rich and famous, and the cloud nine of lower order primates. Where what happens here never really stays here. In fact, it goes from one Facebook timeline to another—some of which belong to some creepy-looking dudes you vaguely remember meeting. Vegas is great, [...]

Your Guide to Third Wheel-ing Done Right


We’ve all been there. Whether it’s due to some unforeseen circumstances (your girlfriends showing up with their significant others on your supposed girls’ night out) or a deliberate request to be a chaperone, each of us has been put in that mother of all awkward situations and has endured being made painfully aware of our [...]

How to Survive Riding the MRT During Rush Hour


I have been riding the MRT/LRT for so many years, and until now, it never fails to amuse me how people can do it everyday of their lives without feeling stressed out. I am riding the MRT more frequently now that I live in Quezon City, and my work is in Makati. To be able [...]

Five Tips on Solo Travel


Not everyone can truly appreciate the joys of traveling alone, and that’s perfectly understandable. After all, great moments and experiences can only become more meaningful if we have loved ones to share them with. But whether you’re in it for some soul-searching or because your friends ditched you at the last minute, traveling alone is [...]