Fighting Off Fear

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The problem with me was that I was always afraid. It was only recently that I myself have accepted this. I often tried to project myself as someone who liked to try out new things—whether a new sport like marksmanship or exotic food such as crickets and frogs. Though I was able to summon courage [...]

On Motherhood and Fears


For nearly half a decade now, fear has been part of my daily life. In fact, I feel that it worsens and complicates its existence each year–feeling more afraid and anxious about the safety and well-being of my son and experiencing an increasing list of my self-proclaimed phobias. When the gynecologist confirmed that my belly [...]

An Open Letter to the Four Men I Can’t Forget


To the Four of You, Let me say thank you for bumping into my life. Getting a chance to meet you, though only for a very short time, has taught me how skilled and tough I could possibly be. I cannot forget you. But to some of you, let me be clear and straight, I [...]

The Swim Princess


One day, my father wanted me so bad to learn how to swim. So he tried to drown me. Maybe he had on his mind that cliché which said, “Experience is the best teacher.” Too bad, what could have been my father’s greatest accomplishment for me then turned out to be my life’s worst nightmare. I [...]