First Trek Ever: The Muses Conquer Pinatubo


If you think you couldn’t trek, well, think again. For amateurs, the two-hour trek back and forth Mt. Pinatubo in Zambales may just jumpstart your interest for hiking. It’s a classic tale of finding a golden pot at the end of the rainbow—except that your rainbow comes with rocks and lahar. Armed with nothing but [...]

Roundtable: Reflections on Friendship

RT 6.10

We’ve had many exciting firsts this week here at Muses & Things. Our first post, the first comment, the first time in a long time that all eight of us have come together to create something that we all love and can be proud of. It’s comforting and inspiring to know that after all these [...]

Work from home: A love-hate affair

Most people would tell me how much they envy me and how much they are willing to do anything just to experience the comfort of working from home, without having to worry about the traffic or what clothes to wear in the office the next day. Yes, they have told me how lucky I was [...]