Pregnancy Update: Balancing Hopes and Fears

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Pregnancy fills a woman with a lot of things—there’s bliss and excitement, there’s pressure, restlessness, and then there’s fear. Although pregnancy is generally an exciting time, it could be tough and terrifying for some. As a first-time (and clueless) expectant mom, I read almost all reputable books on pregnancy to keep my anxiousness at bay. [...]

On Motherhood and Fears


For nearly half a decade now, fear has been part of my daily life. In fact, I feel that it worsens and complicates its existence each year–feeling more afraid and anxious about the safety and well-being of my son and experiencing an increasing list of my self-proclaimed phobias. When the gynecologist confirmed that my belly [...]

Pre-Baby Folly

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Sorry to bore you with these consecutive “all-things-baby” posts, but I’ve got to highlight these special firsts in my life so I’ll never forget. Good thing, the Muses and Things blog is celebrating its first monthsary with a “Firsts” theme while this entire period is, in fact, shaping up to be a phase of firsts. [...]

Mommyhood Musings (In Photos)

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Before settling down and before getting pregnant, I incessantly thought about how I didn’t want to be like one of “those people.” Those people who, after getting married, quickly transformed into being “hey-I’m-married-and-I’m-now-a-serious-adult People.” Or, who have babies and suddenly morphed into “all-I-care-for-is-my-baby People.” I’m not sure if that’s unusual or if you know what [...]