“Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys:” Discovering the MINT Museum


When I was a kid, my toys consisted of whatever tattered sweepstakes, scrap wood and nails I could find in my grandfather’s little shoe factory and as many cardboard boxes as my crayons could cover. My imagination was like a 400-pound gorilla. It was endlessly flexible and was fueled by old books, Batibot, Shaider, vivid [...]

Stepping Into the Shoe Museum


When I tell people that I’m from Marikina, their reply almost always involves one of these three things: the flooding and, in recent years, Typhoon Ondoy; the string of rape-murder cases in the 90s; and how very far it is from civilization (it’s not!!!). But there’s still one thing that Marikina is famous for―our shoe [...]