Mommyhood Musings (In Photos)

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Before settling down and before getting pregnant, I incessantly thought about how I didn’t want to be like one of “those people.” Those people who, after getting married, quickly transformed into being “hey-I’m-married-and-I’m-now-a-serious-adult People.” Or, who have babies and suddenly morphed into “all-I-care-for-is-my-baby People.” I’m not sure if that’s unusual or if you know what [...]

“Mommy, do you love me?”


Just this hectic morning, Joco asked me, “Mommy, do you love me?” And I replied, “Of course, anak, mahal na mahal.” Then he left and went back to play while I was still emotionally attached to his out-of-the-blue question. My memory flashed back. I was just joking around that I was pregnant in our 2007 [...]